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Do you have any biking experience? Please describe (pedicabs, messenger, delivery, racing, hobby, etc) If you do not having cycling experience, please describe any athletic experience or preparation that qualifies you for a physically strenuous position. Pedicabs are geared and balanced so that riders do not need to be in top physical form. Don't let a lack of athletic training stop you from expressing interest in our company.

Please describe any experience you have with sales, customer service or other positions relating to working with the public. Pedicab riding requires an ability to communicate effectively and pleasantly with members of the public, employees of venues, and others.

Please describe why you would like to ride a pedicab and how you heard about us.

Pedicab riding is a physically strenuous exercise. Are you physically capable of 6-8 hours of consistent riding? Yes No
Independent contracting riding involves setting your own schedule. However, we do expect you to honor your commitments once scheduled. Are you prepared to attend events, in a timely manner, that you have committed to on the schedule? Yes No
What kind of a schedule are you looking for?  Approximately  how many hours would you like to work each week, and what times are you available?

Insurance regulations provide that independent contractors of Arizona Pedal Cab Company must be at least 21 years old. Are you 21 years of age or older?

I am 21 or older I am under the age of 21
Our insurance provider requires that all riders have a valid driver's license. Do you have a valid driver's license?
Yes No


Billy Oxford, President

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AZPC Arizona Pedal Cab Downtown Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe Pedicab Driving Jobs

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